Flange, Screw Plug, & Over Side immersion Heaters

Heet-O-matic® Immersion Heaters
Provides an easy solution to heating laboratory liquids, and sterilization methods. Provided with threaded mounting options or over the side hangers.

115 or 230V.A.C. (500w, 1100w, or 1500w)
Temp Range: 120°F-190°F

Additional Info:
Differential: ± 1°F in a circulated bath.

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Heet-O-matic® Over Side immersion heaters

Our over the side immersion heaters are designed to provide an easy solution for those seeking a controlled heat source for quick sterilization in laboratories, as well as a control method for general lab liquids. We offer some with threaded collars for threaded installation while others simply hang over the edge.

Heet-O-Matic® FEATURES
  • Probe, heater element sheath, and switch cover material: Polished Type 316 stainless steel.
  • Sensitive thermal probe protected against mechanical damage.
  • "Pilot light" indicator shows "ON" when unit is heating.
  • Supplied with a standard length 6' 3-wire cord set.
  • Rating 500W. or 1100W. or 1500W. at 115 or 230 V.A.C.
  • Differential: ± 1°F in a circulated bath.
  • Heet-O-Matic "Over Side" heater instructions click here to download
  • MET Listed (MET Listing: E212620)

HeetGrid® Screw Plug & Flange Immersion Heaters

For direct heating of compatible liquids, screw plug immersion heaters are the ideal solution. Ulanet offers high quality heaters in standard and custom manufactured units to meet the exact specifications of any application.

Heetgrid® Screw Plug & Flange Heater Features
  • Threaded installation (NPT threads 1" up to 2.5")
  • 3-phase thermostats enable ratings up to 20 KW
  • "Hairpin" heaters are possible that are mounted through the wall with a 5/8" SST'L comp' fitting
  • Optional general purpose or explosion-proof terminal housings for safety regulation purposes
  • Reccomended control: FM Cartridge Thermostat

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MET Listed Product Immersion Heater Models:
305, 305MP, 306, & 560 (listed below)

Are certified by American Organization (MET) for both the U.S. and Canadian markets according to the applicable U.S. and Canadian standards.
 Model # Classification Element Configuration Available Wattage Adjustable Mounting Drawing
 305 Screw Plug Immersion Heater Vertical 500W
Yes Threads *.DWG
 305MP Screw Plug Immersion Heater
MP = Moisture Resistant
Vertical 500W
Yes Threads *.DWG
 306 Over Side Immersion Heater Vertical 500W
Yes Over the side *.DWG
 324 Over Side Immersion Heater Vertical w/ Circular Base 500W
Yes Over the side *.DWG
335 Over Side Immersion Heater Vertical w/ Horizontal Base 500W
Yes Over the side *.DWG
 560 Custom Immersion Heater
Moisture Resitant Enclosure
Vertical 1100W (5.5"(in) element)
1500W (7"(in) element)
Yes Threads N/A